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SubjectRe: question about head_64.S
Hi, Kirll,

On 1/15/19 7:45 PM, Cao jin wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been digging into this file for a while, and I still have 2
> questions unclear, hope to get your help.

> 2.
> Why gdt64 has following definition?:
> gdt64:
> .word gdt_end - gdt
> .long 0
> .word 0
> .quad 0
> obviously, gdt64 stores the GDTR content under x86_64, which is 10 bytes
> long, so why not just:
> gdt64:
> .word gdt_end - gdt
> .quad 0
> With above modification, it can boot.

Seems you introduced gdt64 code in commit beebaccd50, could you help
with this question?

And it also remind me of another question about adjust_got which is also
introduced by you. Because I failed to construct a test environment with
ld version less than 2.24 until now, so I wanna do a quick ask here:
does it make sense to adjust GOT from the 4th entry of it? Because as I
know, the first 3 entries are special one, which (I guess) will be not used.
Cao jin

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