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SubjectRe: Shaohua Li

On 1/3/19 1:13 AM, Jens Axboe wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got some very sad news to share with you - over Christmas, Shaohua
> Li passed away after battling cancer for most of last year.

It is really a sad news and a big lost for the community consider Shaohua's
great contribution!

> As you know, Shaohua acted as the maintainer for md. He remained
> dedicated to that through the difficult times. With his passing, we
> obviously have a void that needs to be filled.

It is better if there is a small team to maintain md in future since nobody
have broad/deep knowledge as Neil or Shaohua, also people in the team
can cover/backup each other, see [1].

> For now, I'll act as interim maintainer for md until we can find a good
> permanent solution. I'll queue up reviewed patches in a separate branch,
> in the block tree, and help review fixes. I'm subscribed to linux-raid,
> but please do CC me as well.

Thanks, I think there are some patches in shli/md/for-next which supposed
to be merge to 4.21, could you please help to merge them to your branch?
And I suppose you will send a patch to CREDITS for Shaohua.



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