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SubjectRe: hns3: Compilation of hns3_enet.c is triggered without changes
On 29/12/2018 13:10, Stefan Wahren wrote:
> Hi,
> during development i noticed that hns3_enet.c is compiled even without any changes to this file.
> I think the reason for this is the usage of VERMAGIC_STRING in this file. So it would be nice if you could somehow replace this define.
> Kind regards
> Stefan

I reported this issue internally some time ago. Apparently it is
required to reference VERMAGIC_STRING, but I don't know why.

I see that this driver has similar issue:

Another annoying thing I find is the amount of references to UTS_RELEASE
(which also causes rebuilds), like:

Can't we just make a static string for these, to save the rebuilding the
dependent modules?


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