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SubjectRe: vt: Improve CSI parsing
On Sat, Dec 15, 2018 at 03:34:19PM +0100, Martin Hostettler wrote:
> This patch series improves parsing of csi sequences to be more compliant
> with current practice.
> ECMA-64 defines the format of CSI sequences which allow more characters
> than what the vt parser currently accepts. More importantly many of
> these characters are used in sequences that more capable terminal
> terminal implementations use.
> Adjust the parsing of CSI sequences to match xterm* by ignoring all
> unknown sequences of the form
> (ESC [)|CSI [\x20-\x3f]*[\x40-\x7e]
> This avoids printing unwanted characters when application send valid
> sequences not supported by linux either while querying the terminal for
> it's identity or when applications print sequences without knowing what
> terminal implementation they are connected to (e.g. when connected over
> serial lines, android's adb, simple tcp connects, etc)
> * and other common terminals

Thanks for these, now queued up.

greg k-h

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