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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] Allow persistent memory to be used like normal RAM
Keith Busch <> writes:

>> Keith, you seem to be implying that there are platforms that won't
>> support memory mode. Do you also have some insight into how customers
>> want to use this, beyond my speculation? It's really frustrating to see
>> patch sets like this go by without any real use cases provided.
> Right, most NFIT reporting platforms today don't have memory mode, and
> the kernel currently only supports the persistent DAX mode with these.
> This series adds another option for those platforms.

All NFIT reporting platforms today are shipping NVDIMM-Ns, where it
makes absolutely no sense to use them as regular DRAM. I don't think
that's a good argument to make.

> I think numactl as you mentioned is the first consideration for how
> customers may make use. Dave or Dan might have other use cases in mind.

Well, it sure looks like this took a lot of work, so I thought there
were known use cases or users asking for this functionality.


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