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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/4] gcov: add Clang support
On 15.01.2019 19:36, Tri Vo wrote:
> From: Tri Vo <>
> This patch series adds Clang supoprt for gcov.
> Patch 1 refactors existing code in preparation for Clang support. Patches
> 2-3 implement necessary LLVM runtime hooks and gcov kernel interfaces.
> Patch 4 simplifies config selection.
> Greg Hackmann (2):
> gcov: clang: move common gcc code into gcc_base.c
> gcov: clang support
> Nick Desaulniers (1):
> gcov: clang: link/unlink profiling data set.
> Tri Vo (1):
> gcov: clang: pick GCC vs Clang format depending on compiler

Overall this patch set looks good to me. It introduces a clean way for
GCC and Clang specific implementation details to coexist.

A quick test compile using GCC on s390 with the patch set applied was
successful, so it seems like the existing support is unaffected.

There are some detail suggestions on patch improvements that I'll post
in separate e-mails.

Peter Oberparleiter
Linux on Z Development - IBM Germany

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