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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 4/4] usb: musb: Add support for MediaTek musb controller
Hi Bin,

On Tue, 2019-01-15 at 14:38 -0600, Bin Liu wrote:
> Hi Min,
> very close, thanks.
> Below I tried to explain a further cleanup in musb_clearb/w() and
> musb_get/set_toggle() implementation. Please let me know if it is not
> clear.
> Basically, we don't need musb_default_clearb/w(), just assign the
> musb_io function pointers to musb_readb/w().
> Then the mtk platform musb_clearb/w() calls musb_readb/w() and
> musb_writeb/w() to handle W1C.

Sorry to bother you again, I encounter a problem when prepare the patch.
The define of musb_clearb/w and musb_readb/w are difference as follow,
and cannot be directly assigned:
u8/u16 (*readb/w)(const void __iomem *addr, unsigned offset)
void (*clearb/w)(void __iomem *addr, unsigned int offset))

if modify clearb/w as:
u8/u16 (*clearb/w)(const void __iomem *addr, unsigned int offset))
then musb_clear needs writeb/w the const addr.
Can I delete const in (*readb/w)?

> regards,
> -Bin.

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