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SubjectRe: [alsa-devel] [PATCH] ASoC: soc-core: Fix null pointer dereference in soc_find_component

>> Beyond the fact that the platform_name seems to be totally useless,
>> additional tests show that the patch ('ASoC: soc-core: defer card probe
>> until all component is added to list') adds a new restriction which
>> contradicts existing error checks.
>> None of the Intel machine drivers set the dailink "cpu_name" field but use
>> the "cpu_dai_name" field instead. This was perfectly legit as documented by
>> the code at the end of soc_init_dai_link()
> This should be fixed by the patch
> "ASoC: core: Don't defer probe on optional, NULL components" which Mark
> already applied to his tree. See

Ah yes, I missed this patch while I was debugging. Indeed this fixes the
problem and my devices work again with Mark's for-next branch. Thanks

> Maybe the defer card probe logic needs to be extended to also check if
> dai_link_name had already been registered (either cpu or cpu_dai_name
> needs to be set), not 100% sure which problem the defer card probe patch
> was trying to solve.
same here, I don't get why the deferred probe stuff only deals with one
of the two options.

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