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SubjectRe: Regression: spi: core: avoid waking pump thread from spi_sync instead run teardown delayed

> On 15.01.2019, at 20:26, Mark Brown <> wrote:
>> On Tue, Jan 15, 2019 at 06:39:27PM +0100, wrote:
>> Is it possible that the specific flash is not using the “normal”
>> spi_pump_message, but spi_controller_mem_ops operations?
> Right, that's my best guess at the minute as well.
>> Maybe we are missing the teardown in that driver or something is
>> changing flags there.
>> grepping a bit:
>> I see spi_mem_access_start calling spi_flush_queue, which is calling
>> pump_message, which - if there is no transfer - will trigger a delayed
>> tear-down, while it maybe should not be doing that.
> If nothing else it's inefficient.
>> Maybe spi_mem_access_end needs a call to spi_flush_queue as well?
> Hrm, or needs to schedule the queue at any rate (though this will only
> have an impact in the fairly unusual case where there's something
> sharing the bus with a flash).
>> Unfortunately this is theoretical work and quite a lot of guesswork
>> without an actual device available for testing...
> Indeed.

Maybe a bigger change to the reduce the complexity of
the state machine would solve that problem and also
reduce code complexity...

I may find some time over the weekend if no solution
has been found until then.

The way I would envision it it would have a “state”
as a level (0=shutdown, 1=hw enabled, 2=in pump,
3=in transfer, 4=in hw-mode,...) and a complete
to allow waking the shutdown thread (and by this
avoiding the busy wait loop we have now).
This would replace those idling, busy, and running flags.

Drawback: it is invasive, but let us see what it
really looks like...


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