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SubjectRe: remove block layer bounce buffering for MMC
On 14/01/2019 09:57, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> this series converts the remaining MMC host drivers to properly kmap the
> scatterlist entries it does PIO operations on, and then goes on to
> remove the usage of block layer bounce buffering (which I plan to remove
> eventually) from the MMC layer.
> As a bonus I've converted various drivers to the proper scatterlist
> helpers so that at least in theory they are ready for chained
> scatterlists.
> All the changes are compile tested only as I don't have any of the
> hardware, so a careful review would be appreciated.

One general point for the kmap() conversions - it's not obvious (to me
at least) whether or how that would work for a segment where sg->length
> PAGE_SIZE. Or is there some cast-iron guarantee from the MMC
mid-layer that it will never let the block layer generate such things in
the first place?


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