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SubjectRe: remove dma_zalloc_coherent

any chance you could take this before -rc2? That should avoid a lot
of churn going forward. Any fine tuning of the memset-removal
cochinnelle scripts can be queued up with normal updates.

On Tue, Jan 08, 2019 at 08:06:58AM -0500, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> Hi Linus and world,
> We've always had a weird situation around dma_zalloc_coherent. To
> safely support mapping the allocations to userspace major architectures
> like x86 and arm have always zeroed allocations from dma_alloc_coherent,
> but a couple other architectures were missing that zeroing either always
> or in corner cases. Then later we grew anothe dma_zalloc_coherent
> interface to explicitly request zeroing, but that just added __GFP_ZERO
> to the allocation flags, which for some allocators that didn't end
> up using the page allocator ended up being a no-op and still not
> zeroing the allocations.
> So for this merge window I fixed up all remaining architectures to zero
> the memory in dma_alloc_coherent, and made dma_zalloc_coherent a no-op
> wrapper around dma_alloc_coherent, which fixes all of the above issues.
> dma_zalloc_coherent is now pointless and can go away, and Luis helped
> me writing a cocchinelle script and patch series to kill it, which I
> think we should apply now just after -rc1 to finally settle these
> issue.
> The script that generated the first patch is included here:
> @ replace_dma_zalloc_coherent @
> expression dev, size, data, handle, flags;
> @@
> -dma_zalloc_coherent(dev, size, handle, flags)
> +dma_alloc_coherent(dev, size, handle, flags)
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> iommu mailing list
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