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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 00/13] Compiler Attributes
On Sat, Sep 08, 2018 at 11:24:46PM +0200, Miguel Ojeda wrote:
> The Compiler Attributes series is an effort to disentangle
> the include/linux/compiler*.h headers and bring them up to date.
> The main idea behind the series is to use feature checking macros
> (i.e. __has_attribute) instead of compiler version checks (e.g. GCC_VERSION),
> which are compiler-agnostic (so they can be shared, reducing the size
> of compiler-specific headers) and version-agnostic.
> Other related improvements have been performed in the headers as well,
> which on top of the use of __has_attribute it has amounted to a significant
> simplification of these headers (e.g. GCC_VERSION is now only guarding 4
> non-attribute macros).
> This series should also help the efforts to support compiling the kernel
> with clang and icc. A fair amount of documentation and comments have also
> been added, clarified or removed; and the headers are now more readable,
> which should help kernel developers in general.
> The series was triggered due to the move to gcc >= 4.6. In turn, this series
> has also triggered Sparse to gain the ability to recognize __has_attribute
> on its own.
> You can also fetch it from:
> Enjoy!

It's a nice and welcomed cleanup!
Everything look good to me, so feel free to add my
Reviewed-by: Luc Van Oostenryck <>

-- Luc

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