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SubjectRE: USB type-C altmode support for UCSI
> > (There's also an UCSI bug where no notifications appear when connecting
> > a device, only when disconnecting and only once, but it can be worked
> > around by reloading the module, so it isn't critical. Not sure what's up
> > with that either.)
> This is indeed a separate issue, and you are the second person that
> reports it. Either the (EC) firmware on those laptops is not
> generating the connection event as is should for some reason, or the
> EC driver in Linux kernel fails to deliver the event to the UCSI
> driver. I don't have XPS 13 that I could use to reproduce the issue
> unfortunately.
> Mario! Can you help with this?

I need to know which system this was and which BIOS FW package to try to reproduce
if I can pass this to the right people, 9360/9370? Current FW?

Is this happening with all type-C devices? Or just Thunderbolt? Or (worse) just that
TBT device?

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