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On Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 11:09 AM, Dan Carpenter <> wrote:
> What's the reserved for? On 64 bit systems there is a 4 byte struct
> hole between weak_count and reserved.

There's many more pieces of information that we hold for a node. While
we don't have a use for most of that now, we may want some of it in
the future, and so I thought it would be wise to reserve some space
here so we don't need a new ioctl when that happens. I'm actually not
sure it's common to do things this way.

> Why not just make reserved a
> __u32 and get rid of the hole? (Not rhetorical, I have no idea).

Because I thought 8 bytes of reserved space would be nice :-) But you
have a good point re:alignment, I should make it two __u32's then.

> Btw, people sometimes complain about that we don't check that user input
> is zeroed in ioctls. Like for example maybe they're passing random data
> in the the strong_count field and then later we decide that actually
> that field should mean something but we can't make it mean anything
> because we've been letting the user put whatever they want there. These
> are just random thoughts in my head, not necessarily important.

That's a good point, I will change the code to check for that.


> regards,
> dan carpenter

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