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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/5 V6] x86/ioremap: strengthen the logic in early_memremap_pgprot_adjust() to adjust encryption mask
> As previously mentioned, there are also many differences between kexec and kdump. In general,
> kexec needs to look at all of available physical memory, but kdump doesn't need.
> For kexec, kexec-tools will read /sys/firmware/memmap and recreate the e820 ranges for the 2nd
> kernel. If it fails, will use /proc/iomem.
> For kdump, kexec-tools will read /proc/iomem and recreate the e820 ranges for kdump kernel.
> BTW: we can not get the range of persistent memory from /proc/iomem. So e820 ranges don't contain
> the persistent memory in kdump kernel, this is the real reason why i need to strengthen the logic
> of adjusting memory encryption mask.

"persistent memory" is different, I think you meant about some reserved
memory instead

> If kexec-tools also use /sys/firmware/memmap for kdump(like kexec), kdump kernel can also work
> without a fix, but the kexec-tools will have to be modified. Are you sure that you want me to
> fix kexec-tools instead of kernel?

Yes, please fix kexec-tools to pass reserved ranges in e820, you will
not need this patch then.


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