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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] mt76: Enable NL80211_EXT_FEATURE_CQM_RSSI_LIST
Kristian Evensen <> wrote:

> Enable the use of CQM_RSSI_LIST with mt76-devices. The change has been
> tested with the mt7602, mt7603 and mt7621 PCI wifi-cards. I passed a
> list of RSSI thresholds to the driver, and when disconnecting/connecting
> the antenna(s) I got an event each time the RSSI went above/below a
> threshold.
> While I have not been able to test the change with any of the mt76
> USB-devices (no access to a device), the RX RSSI management code is
> shared between the two device types. Thus, CQM should also work with the
> mt76 USB-devices.
> Signed-off-by: Kristian Evensen <>

Patch applied to wireless-drivers-next.git, thanks.

b37b30afc2b3 mt76: Enable NL80211_EXT_FEATURE_CQM_RSSI_LIST


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