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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 0/9] crypto: Remove VLA usage
On Tue, Aug 07, 2018 at 02:18:34PM -0700, Kees Cook wrote:
> v8 cover letter:
> I continue to hope this can land in v4.19, but I realize that's unlikely.
> It would be nice, though, if some of the "trivial" patches could get taken
> (e.g. cbc, xcbc, ccm VLA removals) so I don't have to keep repeating them.
> *fingers crossed*
> Series cover letter:
> This is nearly the last of the VLA removals[1], but it's one of the
> largest because crypto gets used in lots of places. After looking
> through code, usage, reading the threads Gustavo started, and comparing
> the use-cases to the other VLA removals that have landed in the kernel,
> I think this series is likely the best way forward to shut the door on
> VLAs forever.
> For background, the crypto stack usage is for callers to do an immediate
> bit of work that doesn't allocate new memory. This means that other VLA
> removal techniques (like just using kmalloc) aren't workable, and the
> next common technique is needed: examination of maximum stack usage and
> the addition of sanity checks. This series does that, and in several
> cases, these maximums were already implicit in the code.
> This series is intended to land via the crypto tree for 4.19, though it
> touches dm, networking, and a few other things as well, since there are
> dependent patches (new crypto #defines being used, etc).

I have applied patches 1-4 and 6-8. I'd like to get an ack from
the dm folks regarding patch 5. As to patch 9, please fix it so
it doesn't rely on the BUG_ON to catch things.

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