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SubjectRe: [RFC 02/13] iommu: Introduce tlb_invalidate API
Hi Jean-Philippe,
On 09/03/2018 02:28 PM, Jean-Philippe Brucker wrote:
> On 31/08/2018 15:07, Auger Eric wrote:
>>> Since the ioctl will be used to combine invalidations (invalidate both
>>> ATC and TLB with a single call), we need an additional ASID field for
>>> the SMMU - ATC is invalidated by PASID, TLB by ASID. I used to call it
>>> "tag", but I'm leaning towards "arch_id" now
>>> (;a=commitdiff;h=40fdef74816dd8d8d113100b9e0162fab4cec28d)
>> I aknowledge I am not crystal clear about that. for a given iommu_domain
>> don't you have a single asid. Can't you retrieve the asid from the
>> iommu_domain/arm_smmu_domain/arm_smmu_s1_cfg/arm_smmu_ctx_desc.asid?
>> Here again I am confused bout the dual iommu_domain/struct device
>> parameters.
> In nested mode, ASIDs are allocated by the guest and written into the CD
> table. Even if there is a single CD it will still be private to the
> guest. When receiving the invalidation, the host could walk the CD
> tables to retrieve the ASID, but it's not guaranteed to be here anymore:
> the guest could well clear a CD before sending the invalidate command.

That's fully correct. I messed up at the beginning with this asid and
that's perfectly true the asid needs to be passed. I will respin

>> I have another trouble while doing the QEMU integration.
>> When the guests does an NH_ALL, this propagates an invalidation on the
>> whole IPA range and we must discriminate that from regular NH_VA calls.
>> How would you encode the NH_ALL with this API?
> I think that translates to an invalidate-all for the domain:
> struct tlb_iommu_invalidate_info info = {
> .hdr.type = IOMMU_INV_TYPE_TLB,
> };
> Reading the spec again, I though the API was missing a way to encode
> TLBI_NH_VAA, invalidate a range for all ASIDs. Although it feels
> contrived, we could represent it with the following:
> struct tlb_iommu_invalidate_info info = {
> .hdr.type = IOMMU_INV_TYPE_TLB,
> .granularity = IOMMU_INV_GRANU_PAGE_PASID,
> .addr = ...

Also what about CMD_CFI_CD(_ALL) propagation. Is it an
IOMMU_INV_TYPE_PASID invalidation?


> };
> Thanks,
> Jean

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