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SubjectQuestion about pe file verification

Some code logic I don't understand about the function pefile_digest_pe_contents
in the file crypto/asymmetric_keys/verify_pefile.c.
At the end of pefile_digest_pe_contents, please see the comment [sxw] below:

static int pefile_digest_pe_contents(const void *pebuf, unsigned int pelen,
struct pefile_context *ctx,
struct shash_desc *desc)
unsigned *canon, tmp, loop, i, hashed_bytes;
int ret;

 [sxw] I assume the image has signed by sbsign tool, there is a certificate
at the end of image file.
if (pelen > hashed_bytes) {
tmp = hashed_bytes + ctx->certs_size;
[sxw] The tmp value is the end of certificate.

ret = crypto_shash_update(desc,
pebuf + hashed_bytes,
[sxw] The data address is the beginning of the
Why do we need to hash the
certification data block?

pelen - tmp);
[sxw] However, the data length doesn't include
the certificate,
sometimes it's zero.

if (ret < 0)
return ret;

return 0;

Is that for a special consider or something else?


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