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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fat: Relax checks for sector size and media type
Pali Rohár <> writes:

>> That source seems to check power_of_2(size) and 128 <= size <=
>> 4096. Rather why do you want to support larger than 4096? Or I'm missing
>> something?
> I looked into (Linux) mkfs.fat and it supports formatting disk also with
> sector size > 4096. Therefore I thought it may be good idea for ability
> to mount and use it (on Linux).
> I could check what other operating system would do with FAT sector size
> larger then 4096.

If there is real user to use that, I'm ok though (of course, need
serious tests). However, FAT would be for exchange data with other
devices, and there is "cluster per sector", and spec recommends sector
size == device sector size. So I suspect this format is not useful.

OGAWA Hirofumi <>

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