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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next v2 4/7] net: phy: mscc: read 'vsc8531,edge-slowdown' as an u32
> Just to be sure, we're talking here about making sure the value stored
> in the DT is not bigger than the specified value (here an u8)? If so,
> that isn't the reason why I'm suggesting those two patches.
> Without /bits 8/ in the DT property, whatever were the values I put in
> the property, I'd always get a 0. So I need to fix it either in the DT
> (but Rob does not really like it) or in the driver.

Hi Quentin

Ah, you are fixing endian issues. That was not clear to me from the
commit message.

I don't know enough about how DT stores values in the blob. Is there
type info? Can the DT core tell if a value in the blob is a u8 or a
u32? It would be nice if it warned about reading a u8 from a u32

Anyway, this change still removes some bounds checking. Are they
important? Do they need to be added back?


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