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SubjectRe: R8169: Network lockups in 4.18.{8,9,10} (and 4.19 dev)
On 29.09.2018 00:00, Chris Clayton wrote:
> Thanks Maciej.
> On 28/09/2018 16:54, Maciej S. Szmigiero wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> Hi,
>>> I upgraded my kernel to 4.18.10 recently and have since been experiencing network problems after resuming from a
>>> suspend to RAM or disk. I previously had 4.18.6 and that was OK.
>>> The pattern of the problem is that when I first boot, the network is fine. But, after resume from suspend I find that
>>> the time taken for a ping of one of my ISP's nameservers increases from 14-15ms to more than 1000ms. Moreover, when I
>>> open a browser (chromium or firefox), it fails to retrieve my home page ( and pings of the
>>> nameserver fail with the message "Destination Host Unreachable". Often, I can revive the network by stopping it with
>>> /sbin/if(down,up} but sometimes it is necessary to also remove the r8169 module and load it again.
>> Please have a look at the following thread:
> I applied your patch for the 4.18 stable kernels to 4.18.10, but the problem is not solved by it. Similarly, I applied
> Heiner's patch to the 4.19, but again the problem is not solved.
I think we talk about two different issues here. The one the fix is for has no link to suspend/resume.

Chris, the lspci output doesn't provide enough detail to determine the exact chip version.
Can you provide the dmesg part with the XID?
According to your lspci output neither MSI nor MSI-X is active.
Do you have to use nomsi for whatever reason?


>> Maciej
> Chris

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