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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 3/5] tools, perf, script: Add --call-trace and --call-ret-trace
> Seems to me, these two features are _NOT_ only benefit for intel_pt,
> other hardware tracing (e.g. Arm CoreSight) can enable these features
> as well. This patch is to document only for intel_pt, later if we
> enable this feature on Arm platform we need to change the doc;
> alternatively we can use more general description for these two options
> at the first place. How about you think for this?

Likely it already works for CoreSight

I specified intel_pt, because if we just say traces the users won't
know what PMU to specify for record. Being too abstract is
often not helpful.

If someone successfully tests it on CoreSight they could submit
a patch to the documentation to add "or <coresightpmu>" to these
two cases. That would make it then clear for those users too.


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