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SubjectRe: [PATCH 06/21] platform: goldfish: pipe: Add DMA support to goldfish pipe
Hi, thank you for looking into my patches.

> A whole new api needs some others to review it becides just me. Please
> get some more signed off by on this.

Yes, I will find more people.

> If you have a spdx line, you don't need the gpl boiler-plate text
> either.


> But, this is a uapi file, so gpl2 is not probably the license you want
> here, right? That should be fixed before you end up doing something
> foolish with a userspace program that includes this :)

I will confirm which license works for us.

> Don't we have a dma userspace api? What does virtio use? What about
> uio? Why can't one of the existing interfaces work for you?

Yes, I learned we have other tools to do the same as our driver does,
but we already have
userland using DMA through out driver. Maybe I will retire this driver

> > + * 'G' 00-3F drivers/misc/sgi-gru/grulib.h conflict!
> > + * 'G' 00-0F linux/gigaset_dev.h conflict!
> Causing known conflicts is not wise.

Goldfish devices are used only in Android emulator. We can pick other
numbers to avoid conflicts,
but this breaks our userland. We are ok with conflicts with drivers we
don't expect to be used.

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