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SubjectRe: [RFC 00/60] Coscheduling for Linux
On 09/19/2018 11:53 PM, Subhra Mazumdar wrote:
> Can we have a more generic interface, like specifying a set of task ids
> to be co-scheduled with a particular level rather than tying this with
> cgroups? KVMs may not always run with cgroups and there might be other
> use cases where we might want co-scheduling that doesn't relate to
> cgroups.

Currently: no.

At this point the implementation is tightly coupled to the cpu cgroup
controller. This *might* change, if the task group optimizations mentioned
in other parts of this e-mail thread are done, as I think, that it would
decouple the various mechanisms.

That said, what if you were able to disable the "group-based fairness"
aspect of the cpu cgroup controller? Then you would be able to control
just the coscheduling aspects on their own. Would that satisfy the use
case you have in mind?


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