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SubjectMicrosoft And Lifequality vs A Good Available Source OS
I updated to a 3.7ghz cpu some time ago. XP required re-authentication, 
but had no further suport so it did not work. Despite having purchased
the pro version (1000nok)I had to trick myself into the system again.

A few months later the mouseport started crashing the PC. I installed a
PCI-e card, that worked once, and then the system hid it, never to be
seen again.

Sometimes when the mouesport crashes, on reboot, network fails aswell.

This is how I remember Microsoft to always have been. They were never
really about "good" were they.

Is this the kind of life you want to have? Even possibly with a label
"nerd", with types like Bill believed associated with you, and the same
old low-morality boss supposedly knowing better than you, for sales of

We can fix all this. It just really takes some insight into things.
Computers are business driven. If we orient an available source OS
around this business, and expand it to include the indies Microsoft
don´t, and is getting common in streaming, we can make an even better
economy than they have.

And I even have a zén-concept of The Gôhd, Ynnyů, disassociated from the
most regressife element, the "acidgod". Instead of acidprophets in
poverty and delusion, global streaming business potential.

Do see my proposal for a good available source OS, at


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