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SubjectSyrian Rescue

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Rybak Ahmed from Syria. I am a miner and i wish to introduce my Gold/Diamonds funds which I and my partner sold. Because of the constant war going on in our country my partner and his family are all dead.Hence i take this upon myself to find trustworthy partners who will be able to partner with me to obtain the document needed, in order for us to receive our $6,200,000.00 which is currently in Bank of America escrow account.

Please note that my attorney/broker will discuss further with you as to what is needed to obtain the change of name, from my partner's to yours.
Your share will be 30% and send me 70% to my account that I will give you after you have receive the US$6,200,000.00 (six million and two hundred thousand dollars).You have nothing to lose. Just indicate your readiness by writing me back to my e-mail
Looking forward to your interest.

Rybak Ahmed

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