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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] mtd: rawnand: denali: remove ->dev_ready() hook
Hi Masahiro,

Masahiro Yamada <> wrote on Fri, 7 Sep
2018 16:28:28 +0900:

> The Denali NAND IP has no way to read out the current signal level
> of the R/B# pin. Instead, denali_dev_ready() checks if the R/B#
> transition has already happened. (The INTR__INT_ACT interrupt is
> asserted at the rising edge of the R/B# pin.) It is not a correct
> way to implement the ->dev_ready() hook.
> In fact, it has a drawback; in the nand_scan_ident phase, the chip
> detection iterates over maxchips until it fails to find a homogeneous
> chip. For the last loop, nand_reset() fails if no chip is there.
> If ->dev_ready hook exists, nand_command(_lp) calls nand_wait_ready()
> after NAND_CMD_RESET. However, we know denali_dev_ready() never
> returns 1 unless there exists a chip that toggles R/B# in that chip
> select. Then, nand_wait_ready() just ends up with wasting 400 msec,
> in the end, shows the "timeout while waiting for chip to become ready"
> warning.
> Let's remove the mis-implemented dev_ready hook, and fallback to
> sending the NAND_CMD_STATUS and nand_wait_status_ready(), which
> bails out more quickly.
> Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <>
> ---

Both patches applied on nand/next.


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