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Subjectarc vendor prefix

In the linux kernel commit 91ab076e3a2f092254fe5231bbfa92b37fd52e38 the
vendor prefix "arctic" was added to vendor-prefixes.txt.

The original change I authored used "arc" not "arctic", and the device
tree bindings were added assuming that prefix in commit

Perhaps odeju changed the name to arctic in the patch after I created it
and before it was approved.

This pairing isn't really compatible is it?  Either the prefix should be
reverted to "arc" or the bindings (and driver source) changed to use
"arctic", as in "arctic,arc2c0608" vs. "arc,arc2c0608"

The arcticsand company is now part of psemi (formerly peregrine
semiconductor) and they would like to keep using the arc prefix for
these chips and in the driver and I plan on changing the
vendor-prefix.txt to reflect that.

I am in the process of updating the driver code to support different and
new variants of the chip and would like to know what the preference is
for this prefix going forward.

Thank you


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