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Subjectblock: DMA alignment of IO buffer allocated from slab
Hi Guys,

Some storage controllers have DMA alignment limit, which is often set via
blk_queue_dma_alignment(), such as 512-byte alignment for IO buffer.

Block layer now only checks if this limit is respected for buffer of
pass-through request,
see blk_rq_map_user_iov(), bio_map_user_iov().

The userspace buffer for direct IO is checked in dio path, see
IO buffer from page cache should be fine wrt. this limit too.

However, some file systems, such as XFS, may allocate single sector IO buffer
via slab. Usually I guess kmalloc-512 should be fine to return
512-aligned buffer.
But once KASAN or other slab debug options are enabled, looks this
isn't true any
more, kmalloc-512 may not return 512-aligned buffer. Then data corruption
can be observed because the IO buffer from fs layer doesn't respect the DMA
alignment limit any more.

Follows several related questions:

1) does kmalloc-N slab guarantee to return N-byte aligned buffer? If
yes, is it a stable rule?

2) If it is a rule for kmalloc-N slab to return N-byte aligned buffer,
seems KASAN violates this

3) If slab can't guarantee to return 512-aligned buffer, how to fix
this data corruption issue?

Ming Lei

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