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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] vfio: add edid api for display (vgpu) devices.
> > +
> > +struct vfio_device_info_edid_cap {
> > + struct vfio_info_cap_header header;
> > + __u32 max_x; /* Max display height (zero == no limit) */
> > + __u32 max_y; /* Max display height (zero == no limit) */
> > +};
> As current virtual display for Intel vGPU is still emulating against real HW
> pipeline with same limitations, asked display developers that whether or not
> specific mode can work might still depend on current or future HW behavior.
> So could we add some hints on what kind of edid mode vfio device can operate?
> Some may support arbitrary modes, but some may only support standard modes.

What kind of restrictions do we have here? Really to a fixed list of
standard modes?

Some testing (kaby lake) indicates y axis has no restrictions and x axis
gets rounded up to the next multiple of 8 pixels (32 bytes), maybe to
align scanlines with cachelines?

Oh, and btw: Seems the resolution restriction (to 1024x768 for the
smallest vgpu type) seems to not be enforced. Intentional?


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