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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next 1/5] net: phy: mscc: add ethtool statistics counters
> When you change a page, you basically can access only the registers in
> this page so if there are two functions requesting different pages at
> the same time or registers of different pages, it won't work well
> indeed.
> > phy_read_page() and phy_write_page() will do the needed locking if
> > this is an issue.
> >
> That's awesome! Didn't know it existed. Thanks a ton!
> Well, that means I should migrate the whole driver to use
> phy_read/write_paged instead of the phy_read/write that is currently in
> use.
> That's impacting performance though as per phy_read/write_paged we read
> the current page, set the desired page, read/write the register, set the
> old page back. That's 4 times more operations.

You can use the lower level locking primatives. See m88e1318_set_wol()
for example.

> Couldn't we use the
> phy_device mutex instead (as it's currently done in the whole driver)?
> Or is it worse/comparable in performance to the suggested solution?

Russell King found a race condition where this breaks. You cannot hold
the phy_device mutex everywhere.


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