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SubjectRe: loop device: print_req_error - blk_update_request I/O error
Answering to myself:
It looks like ext4 lazy init does not play well with loop device.

If the ext4 filesystem was previously created with lazy init there are
I/O errors. Disabling lazy init fixes problem. Bug or feature?


> I'm mounting an ext4 filesystem residing on an AHCI SATA disk via loop:
> losetup -o 64424509440 --sizelimit 34359738368 /dev/loop0 /dev/sda
> mount -t ext4 /dev/loop0 /mnt
> Works perfectly on <= 4.4.155 (latest version on 4.4.x longterm branch)
> On 4.9.126 (longterm branch) I get these errors:
> blk_update_request: I/O error, /dev/loop0, sector 23778144

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