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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] Update AMD cpu microcode for family 15h
Hi Sherry,

Dne 5.6.2018 v 16:27 Hurwitz, Sherry napsal(a):
> Hi Rudolf, I have been investigating the status with the AMD release
> management, but I have not been given approval to publish any other
> microcode. I have been trying to track down why there might be a
> version in the wild that I have not been given for public publishing.
> It might have come from a BIOS update and not a OS microcode load but

Yes exactly. Why this exists? Is there some technical restriction that will prevent
microcode loading just in Linux? I think it would be beneficial to have at least
the IBPB protection in place via microcode updates.

> I don't have the definitive details on that either. I will publish
> whatever is released to me as soon as possible.

Any news on this? The family 15h microcode revision provided for Linux is 0x06001119 but I know that 0x0600111f
exists, which provides the IBPB.

Btw I also think that Family 17h (0x00800F11) Linux microcode update has a same problem.

It does not include IBPB support right? It is included in the "BIOS" only microcode revision 0x08001137.


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