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SubjectRe: [PATCH] vfio/pci: Some buggy virtual functions incorrectly report 1 for intx.
On Thu, Aug 09, 2018 at 01:44:17PM -0600, Alex Williamson wrote:
> On Thu, 9 Aug 2018 12:37:06 -0700
> Ashok Raj <> wrote:
> > PCI_INTERRUPT_PIN should always read 0 for SRIOV Virtual Functions.
> >
> > Some SRIOV devices have some bugs in RTL and VF's end up reading 1
> > instead of 0 for the PIN.
> Hi Ashok,
> One question, can we identify which VFs are known to have this issue so
> that users (and downstreams) can know how to prioritize this patch?
> Thanks,

Hi Alex,

The hardware isn't public yet, so can't talk about it :-(. Once this patch gets
merged, will let the OSV engagement folks drive it for inclusions. We
could mark this for stable, but i would rather wait until we know the
timeline when they are expecting it to be in. It shouldn't break anything
since we are just enforcing the spec.


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