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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 09/26] kernel/cpu_pm: Manage runtime PM in the idle path for CPUs
On Fri, Aug 3, 2018 at 1:42 PM, Ulf Hansson <> wrote:
> [...]
>>> Assuming that I have got that right, there are concerns, mostly regarding
>>> patch [07/26], but I will reply to that directly.
>> Well, I haven't got that right, so never mind.
>> There are a few minor things to address, but apart from that the general
>> genpd patches look ready.
> Alright, thanks!
> I will re-spin the series and post a new version once 4.19 rc1 is out.
> Hopefully we can queue it up early in next cycle to get it tested in
> next for a while.
>>> The $subject patch is fine by me by itself, but it obviously depends on the
>>> previous ones. Patches [01-02/26] are fine too, but they don't seem to be
>>> particularly useful without the rest of the series.
>>> As far as patches [10-26/26] go, I'd like to see some review comments and/or
>>> tags from the people with vested interest in there, in particular from Daniel
>>> on patch [12/26] and from Sudeep on the PSCI ones.
>> But this still holds.
> Actually, patch 10 and patch11 is ready to go as well. I ping Daniel
> on patch 12.
> In regards to the rest of the series, some of the PSCI/ARM changes
> have been reviewed by Mark Rutland, however several changes have not
> been acked.
> On the other hand, one can also interpret the long silence in regards
> to PSCI/ARM changes as they are good to go. :-)

Well, in that case giving an ACK to them should not be an issue for
the people with a vested interest I suppose.

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