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SubjectRE: [PATCH v8 1/6] ARM: imx6q: provide documentation for new fsl,pmic-stby-poweroff property

> >> Not all boards follow the reference design, that's a fact of life.
> >>
> >> Please look at the i.MX6Q reference manual. The sequence implemented
> >> in this patchset can be found as a valid way to power off the system
> >> in
> >> "60.4.3 Power mode transitions" "Normal ON to OFF with external
> >> PMIC", so there is hardly any way to argue that this is a board
> >> specific quirk. This is one of the Freescale/NXP recommended sequences to
> turn off the system.
> > Okay, but could you add one more comment for this solution? RTC alarm
> > and ONOFF Button wakeup feature can't be support in this case.
> Enough to add it in to changelog? or should it go to the binding documentation?
The binding doc is better.

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