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SubjectRe: [RFC bpf-next v2 3/3] docs: Split filter.txt into separate documents.
On Fri,  3 Aug 2018 08:31:00 +1000
"Tobin C. Harding" <> wrote:

> In preparation for conversion of Documentation/networking/filter.txt it
> was noticed that the document contains a lot of information. The
> document may be more accessible if it was split up. Some parts pertain
> to everyone, let's put these bits in core-api/. The more hard core bits
> about eBPF internals could be put with the other BPF docs in
> Documentation/bpf/. There is a small bit of information on testing and
> miscellaneous matters that are useful for everyone (everyone does
> testing, right) so lets keep that info at the bottom of both new
> documents. (This includes the original authors.)
> Split Documentation/networking/filter.txt into
> Documentation/bpf/eBPF.rst and Documentation/core-api/bpf.rst
> Signed-off-by: Tobin C. Harding <>
> ---
> .../{networking/filter.txt => bpf/eBPF.rst} | 590 +----------------
> Documentation/core-api/bpf.rst | 599 ++++++++++++++++++

Some overall thoughts...

- A good step in the right direction, and worthwhile work. Thanks for
doing this!

- The new eBPF.rst file is not actually an RST file. Giving it that
extension while not converting the contents will confuse Sphinx. I'd
call it .txt at this point.

- The document now known as core-api/bpf.rst is still covering two
separate things. One is the socket-filter API, while the other is
classic BPF. Since cBPF is still used elsewhere (seccomp), it's of
wider interest. Also, this is user-space API stuff, not kernel API
stuff, so I think that Documentation/userspace-api/ is the right place
for it.

I'm kind of thinking this through as I type it, but I guess I'm arguing
for the creation of three files, all in Documentation/userspace-api/:

- socket-filter.rst on how to write socket filters
- cBPF.rst describing classic BPF and its tools
- eBPF.rst describing extended BPF

Tying cBPF.rst into seccomp_filter.rst could also be helpful for our

Does this make sense?



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