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SubjectRe: framebuffer corruption due to overlapping stp instructions on arm64
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> I guess the semantics of a framebuffer are not strictly defined, but
> the current reality is that it is expected to have memory semantics
> (by Linux/glibc)
> Matt is saying fundamental properties of the underlying interconnects
> (AMBA) make that impossible on ARM, but I'd like to understand better
> if that is universally the case, and whether such a system is still
> PCIe compliant.

I don't know that side of the architecture enough to make any
definitive statements.

> The discussion about whether memcpy() should rely on unaligned
> accesses, and whether you should use it on device memory is orthogonal
> to that, and not the heart of the matter IMO

Then maybe take libc-alpha off if it isn't relevant.


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