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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/46] Use dmaenginem_async_device_register to simplify code
On Fri, Aug 03, 2018 at 09:51:43AM +0200, Lars-Peter Clausen wrote:
> On 08/03/2018 09:19 AM, Huang Shijie wrote:
> > All the patches are using dmaenginem_async_device_register to simplify code
> > except the last one:
> > dmaengine: add COMPILE_TEST for the drivers
> >
> > I use the last one to do the compiler test.
> > There are still 20 drivers which do not use the dmaenginem_async_device_register.
> > Let me take a rest, if this patch set is accepted, I will do the rest.
> Lots of race conditions in this series. The DMA device needs to be removed
> before any of the resources it uses are disabled/released.
> As a rule of thumb you can only convert something to a managed
> allocation/reregistration if it is the last action in remove.
Yes. Agree.

I am collecting the DMA maintainers opinions now..
If the managed unregistration is not the last action, we can drop the patch.

Huang Shijie

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