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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 3/4] sched/topology: remove smt_gain
On Wed, 29 Aug 2018 at 16:08, Qais Yousef <> wrote:

> You beat me to it, I got confused by smt_gain recently when I stumbled
> on it as I found out on ARM it's not used and had to spend sometime to
> convince myself it's not really necessary to use it.
> It was hard to track the history of this and *why* it's needed.
> The only 'theoretical' case I found smt_gain can be useful is when you
> have asymmetric system, for example:
> Node_A: 1 Core 2 Threads
> Node_B: 1 Core 4 Threads
> Then with smt_gain the group_capacity at the core level will be limited
> to smt_gain. But without smt_gain Node_B will look twice as powerful as
> Node_A - which will affect balancing AFAICT causing Node_B's single core
> to be oversubscribed as the 4 threads will still have to share the same
> underlying hardware resources. I don't think in practice such systems
> exists, or even make sense, though.

Yes I came to the same conclusion

> So +1 from my side for the removal.


> --
> Qais Yousef

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