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SubjectRe: Re: [RFC PATCH 5/6] arm64: dts: ti: Add Support for AM654 SoC
* Kishon Vijay Abraham I <> [180808 06:35]:
> On Tuesday 05 June 2018 07:35 PM, Rob Herring wrote:
> > Really need 64-bit addresses and sizes? Use ranges to limit the
> > address space if possible.
> We now have address-cells as <1>,
> However each PCIe instance has 2 data regions and one of the regions
> in the "MAIN Domain Memory Map" table of TRM
> is above the 32bit region and requires 2 cells to specify the start address.
> This region is used to access MEM_SPACE of PCIe endpoint when operating in root
> complex mode and access memory of PCI root complex when operating in endpoint mode.
> In order to describe this, should we change the address-cells back to <2> or do
> you suggest any other alternatives?

It's probably best to have the top level cbass interconnect use
#size-cells = <2> and then have it's child interconnects have
#size-cells = <1> if they don't need ranges above 4GB.

BTW, what's the difference between all these three similar PCIE

PCIE0_CORE_CORE_DAT_SLV_PCIE_CORE 0x0005500000 0x0005600000 1 MB
PCIE1_CORE_CORE_DAT_SLV_PCIE_CORE 0x0005600000 0x0005700000 1 MB

PCIE0_CORE_CORE_DAT_SLV_PCIE_DAT0 0x0010000000 0x0018000000 128 MB
PCIE1_CORE_CORE_DAT_SLV_PCIE_DAT0 0x0018000000 0x0020000000 128 MB

PCIE0_CORE_CORE_DAT_SLV_PCIE_DAT1 0x4000000000 0x4100000000 4 GB
PCIE1_CORE_CORE_DAT_SLV_PCIE_DAT1 0x4100000000 0x4200000000 4 GB



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