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SubjectRe: [PATCH] iio: chemical: bme680: Add check for val2 in the write_raw function
On Sun, Aug 19, 2018 at 05:25:14PM +0100, Jonathan Cameron wrote:
> On Sat, 11 Aug 2018 15:56:36 +0530
> Himanshu Jha <> wrote:
> > val2 is responsible for the floating part of the number to be
> > written to the device. We don't need the floating part
> > while writing the oversampling ratio for BME680 since the
> > available oversampling ratios are pure natural numbers.
> >
> > So, add a sanity check to make sure val2 is 0.
> >
> > Signed-off-by: Himanshu Jha <>
> As discussed in David's patch series v3, I think this is still relevant
> but now needs an update to cover the new code.

I already had informed David to reabse his series on top of my patch
and he rebased this patch series.

So, it should apply cleanly without any further effort.

If it doesn't, then ping me.

Himanshu Jha
Undergraduate Student
Department of Electronics & Communication
Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology

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