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Subjectmake *config regression: pkg-build
Just tried to run 'make menuconfig' on v4.18-10568-g08b5fa819970 and 
found a bad surprise:

'make *config' requires 'pkg-config'. Please install it.
make[1]: *** [scripts/kconfig/Makefile:219: scripts/kconfig/.mconf-cfg] Error 1

This is clearly a regression - I have libncurses devele pakcage
installed in the default system location (as do 99%+ on actuall
develeopers proobably) and in this case, pkg-config is useless.
pkg-config is needed only when libraries and headers are installed in
non-default locations but it is bad to require installation of
pkg-config on all the machines where make menuconfig would be possibly
run (for example, I have a aboult 100 machine kernel testbed with
self-hosted kernel compilation and machine-specific kernel
configurations that ocassionally need tweaking).

I notice 4.18 complained it can not find pkg-config but still worked.
This is clearly better than now.

If we want to support developers with libraries in non-default
locations, why not - but the common case of system include path should
work without any trouble or warnings. For exaple, test if compilation
against ncurses works, and if not retry it with pkg-config (and error
out if it does not give working result).

Meelis Roos (

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