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SubjectRe: problem in building 4.8.0: references to non-existent util CLANG
On 08/18/2018 05:48 PM, Linda Walsh wrote:
> Is CLANG required for building now?
> when I did a "make xconfig" (or any make, for that matter), I get:
>>  make xconfig
> scripts/kconfig/qconf  Kconfig
> invocation line: ./scripts/ gcc     ## debug line I added
> ./scripts/ line 15: ./COPYING: Permission denied
> ./scripts/ line 23: printf: __clang_major__: invalid number
> ./scripts/ line 23: printf: __clang_minor__: invalid number
> ./scripts/ line 23: printf: __clang_patchlevel__: invalid number
> init/Kconfig:24:warning: 'CLANG_VERSION': number is invalid
> .config:50:warning: symbol value '00000' invalid for CLANG_VERSION
> The reference to COPYING comes from me running make in the
> top dir, where there is a text file named COPYING, however it is
> not executable.
> I put in an echo to see what command line the script was being passed,
> "gcc"?
> I'm guessing but I don't think the clang script should be getting
> called at all.  I installed the sources by patching 4.17.0 (done via a
> script).
> Are there instructions somewhere for what command(s) to run for patching?
> It seems to have changed from using the standard patch program to using
> a git version that isn't compatible w/the gnu version.  I adapted the
> script to the git version and that's seemed to work since I did
> the change.  But with 4.18.0, I am uncertain if it is working correctly.
> If the above was the only problem, I'd be less concerned, but
> scripts run after the main build to build external modules failed.
> It seems unlikely the two problems are related, but I wanted to fix
> this first before going on to the compile-fails.
> Please Cc me, as I'm not currently on the list.
> Thanks,
> Linda W.

Looks like this patch should fix it:


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