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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] ARM: dts: exynos: Add missing used PMIC regulators on Exynos5422 Odroid boards
Hi Krzysztof,

These patches should also be ported to u-boot to enable PMIC.

I was just looking into S2MPS11B data sheet
According to the 1.2 Key Features of S2MPS11

BUCK1, BUCK2, BUCK3, BUCK4, BUCK6 have (0.65 V to 1.6 V) min /max range.
BUCK5 have (0.65 V to 2.0 V) min /max range.
BUCK7 have (1.2 V to 1.5 V) min / max range.
BUCK8 have (1.8 V to 2.1 V) min / max range.
BUCK10 have (0.75 V to 1.4 V) min / max range.

BUCKBOST9 (3.0 V to 3.75 V) min / max range.

LDO1, LDO6, LDO11, LDO22, LDO23, LDO27, LDO35 (0.8 V to 2.375 V) min / max range

LDO2, LDO3, LDO5, LDO7, LDO9, LDO10, LD012, LDO13, LDO14, LDO15,
LDO16, LDO17, LDO18, LDO19, LDO20, LD021, LDO24, LDO25, LDO26,
LDO28, LDO29, LDO30, LDO31, LDO32, LDO33, LDO34, LDO36, LDO37, LDO38
(0.8 V to 3.95 V) min / max range

I am aware off we have configures the min/max range as per board schematics.
but each regulator support dynamic voltage scale and have different
turn on/off voltage and current rating.

So why are we not setting the regulator-min-microvolt /
regulator-max-microvolt as per datasheets.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Best Regards

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