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SubjectRe: i2c:ocores: fixes and polling mechanism

sorry to disturb you all but after one month and a half I never received
any comment about this patch set and I fear it ended up in a forgotten
corner. I would like to know if someone is considering it or not.

Thanks :)

On Monday, June 25, 2018 6:13:00 PM CEST Federico Vaga wrote:
> The first two patches fix what I believe are bugs.
> The third patch add a polling mechanism for those systems where
> interrupts are not available.
> All these patches have been tested on a system without interrupt, this
> means that I used my third patch to validate also the other two.
> I would be nice if someone can run verify this also on other system,
> perhaps with interrupts. If you consider it a useful information, I'm not
> using devicetree for this installation.

Federico Vaga

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