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Subject%#ẍ Dev OS (was: Fair Pay In Cyberspace)
We are now %#ẍ Dev,  a short form of the same intent, since so many 
already like three-letter concepts.

This is all going to be about the percentages people, and that is all an
OS needs to be about.

With such a driving factor, in the business oriented computer world, we
will have the "good os", the low jitter, and the smooth graphics.

Because it is all part of the same mindset.

Jinn and Hūman. Those of you who desire a good OS, our research is still

Now also with a suggestion for replacement of mp3. GNU does indeed not
hide anything from The Gôdh.

Peace (Go With Théé),
Ywe Cærlyn.
%#ẍ Dev

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