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Subject[PATCH bpf-next v3 0/3] bpf: btf: print bpftool map data with btf

This v3 contains incorporates feedback from v2, including a fix for big endian
when extracting bitfields. Below is a summary of all changes.

patch 1:
- use kernel integer types instead of stdint

patch 2:
- change stdint types to kernel equivalents
- remove variable ret from btf_dumper_modifier()
- remove unnecessary parentheses in btf_dumper_enum()
- remove unnecessary parentheses in btf_dumper_array()
- change integer types from explicitly sized to int in btf_dumper_int_bits
- fix btf_dumper_int_bits() so it works for little and big endian
- remove double space in btf_dumper_int()
- print non-printable characters as string
- remove ret variable from btf_dumper_int()
- don't initialise variable with function which needs error check in
- use a temp variable to avoid multi-line statement in btf_dumper_struct()
- call jsonw_end_object before returning in error case in btf_dumper_struct()
- print something in case of BTF_KIND_FWD in btf_dumper_do_type()
- return directly from cases in switch-case and save 9 LOC in
- remove check for null argument in btf_dumper_type()
- remove header file btf_dumper.h and move declarations to main.h

patch 3:
- change stdint types to kernel equivalents
- keep header includes in alphabetical order
- use goto in do_dump_btf() to ensure jsonw_end_object() in cases of error
- don't initialise variable with functions that can fail in get_btf()
- remove json-breaking printf in get_btf()
- refactor so that there isn't too much code in if (!err) case in do_lookup()


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