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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 5/6] mm: track gup pages with page->dma_pinned_* fields
On Wed, 4 Jul 2018, Jan Kara wrote:

> > So this seems unsolvable without having the caller specify that it knows the
> > page type, and that it is therefore safe to decrement page->dma_pinned_count.
> > I was hoping I'd found a way, but clearly I haven't. :)
> Well, I think the misconception is that "pinned" is a fundamental property
> of a page. It is not. "pinned" is a property of a page reference (i.e., a
> kind of reference that can be used for DMA access) and page gets into
> "pinned" state if it has any reference of "pinned" type. And when you
> realize this, it is obvious that you just have to have a special api for
> getting and dropping references of this "pinned" type. For getting we
> already have get_user_pages(), for putting we have to create the api...

Maybe we can do something by creating a special "pinned" bit in the pte?
If it is a RDMA reference then set that pinned bit there.

Thus any of the references could cause a pin. Since the page struct does
not contain that information we therefore have to scan through the ptes to
figure out if a page is pinned?

If so then we would not need a special function for dropping the

References to a page can also be created from devices mmu. Maybe we could
at some point start to manage them in a similar way to the page tables of
the processor? The mmu notifiers are a bit awkward if we need closer mm

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